Intro to Literary Study (2005)

4 Mar 2005
Blogging Portfolio I

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Here's a link to my cover blog entry, for those of you who are looking for material to comment on:

Posted by: ChrisU at February 28, 2005 04:03 PM

I have a question about the portfolio, Dr. Jerz:

Since we are not submitting a printed version this time, how should we go about letting you know which entries we mean to count for which sections of the requirements? Should we label them accordingly, or just hint at it in our blurbs, or something?

For instance, how do we let you know which entries we chose for Xenoblogging, etc.?

Posted by: ChrisU at March 1, 2005 01:18 PM

If it's not obvious, you should identify in your cover blog which entry counts for what.

Posted by: Dennis G. Jerz at March 1, 2005 01:20 PM

That was kind of snippy...

Posted by: Valerie at March 2, 2005 12:40 PM

I didn't mean that Chris was asking a question that I thought had an obvious answer.

I meant, if it's not obvious from the context of your blog entry what category you're including it under, then you should identify it.

Thanks for letting me know my answer didn't seem polite, Valerie. That wasn't my intention at all!

Posted by: Dennis G. Jerz at March 2, 2005 02:51 PM

I thought the same as Val at first, but then I reread it a few times and I understood. No worries. :P

Posted by: ChrisU at March 3, 2005 10:44 AM

OOOH! I get it now!

Sorry, Dr. Jerz! :-)

Posted by: Val at March 3, 2005 08:39 PM
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