Intro to Literary Study (2005)

26 January 2005

Introduction to Weblogs

Meet in computer lab (L110).

All students will receive their own personal online journals (weblogs) at

In class: Post a brief, informal entry on the assigned readings. (Experienced bloggers, please help classmates if necessary... this is just practice.)

Agenda Items and Online Discussion

Some time today, post your agenda item for the next class discussion.

That is, post a brief statement of something you would be prepared to talk about for a few minutes, leading the class discussion.

By the beginning of class tomorrow, post three response to agenda items on your peer's weblogs.

For your upcoming portfolio assignment, keep the conversation going, by writing back to anyone who left useful or interesting comments on your own weblog.

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Ex 1-1: Personal Essay

In about 3 pages (roughly 750 words), convey your relationship to literature and the English language.

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Dennis G. Jerz

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