Intro to Literary Study (2005)

16 February 2005

Blank Verse Workshop

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Ex 1-4: Sonnet Analysis and Abuse

Analyze a sonnet by an established literary figure. Write a parody that fulfills certain requirements that I will specify. Write a brief reflection. (3 pages.)

Update: Parody sonnet must involve specific references to Seton Hill University culture (speciric current or recent events); must contain a surprise or sudden twist on the appropriate lines; and must follow the same rhyme structure as the original which you parody (that is, if the original rhymes "true", "love," "above," and "you" (abba), then yours must follow the same rhyme scheme, although you could rhyme "give," "breath," "death," and "live" (still abba).

The deadline for Eye Contact (the literary magaizine) is Friday. If you want your poem to be eligible for inclusion, don't post it on your weblog (or publish it anywhere else). The Eye Contact theme is "Consequences."

Mark up a copy of the original poem to show the rhyme scheme.

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Hácová, ''Love, Life and Death in Coleridge's Poem 'The Raven'''

Hácová, Pavlína. Hácová, ""Love, Life and Death in Coleridge's Poem 'The Raven'." Philosophica 73 (2000). 111-115. 14 Feb 2005.

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