Intro to Literary Study (2005)

1 April 2005

Intro to Modern Drama

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Miller, Death of a Salesman

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The (Rescheduled) Commonly Confused Words Test

Update, 20 Mar: The site is still down, so we'll delay this assignment until I can find a replacement.

Update, 21 Mar: I fixed the problem with the link. You already have important assignments due on the 23rd and the 30th, so I've rescheduled this for April 1.

Take The Commonly Confused Words Test (40 questions).

Print out and submit the page that shows your results. We'll go over each question in class.

We're doing this to start a discussion -- you won't be graded on how many you get right. In fact you're welcome to consult any source while you take it (so long as you fess up). You're welcome to blog about this, if you like.

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