Intro to Literary Study (2005)

25 April 2005

Peer Review Exercise (rescheduled)

We will also sign up for oral presentations (Wednesday and Friday).

You will have five minutes for your formal oral presentation.

The presentation is formal, in the sense that you must prepare for it in advance. You should not plan to "wing it." I do not expect a flashy multimedia presentation, but paper handouts or a blog entry to display would help the class focus on what you are saying.

For your oral presentation,

1) demonstrate that your title, thesis paragraph,and conclusion match. (1 min)
2) share one brief quotation from a primary source, and one brief quotation from a secondary source, and explain how they support your thesis. (1 min)
3) explain why your thesis statement is non-obvious. Give at least one good argument (with evidence) for an alternative or opposing solution. (2 min)
4) You may conclude with whatever stress-busting message or activity you wish -- share cookies, lead a campfire song, recite a poem, throw balls of paper at each other, etc. (1 min)

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Ex 2-5: Peer Review (in class)

Rescheduled from Friday.

Review three peer term papers in class today, and write a paragraph or two on each. E-mail each review to me separately, with the following subject line: "150 PeerLastName reviewed by YourLastName." (About 200 words per review.)

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