Jerz: Intro to Literary Study (EL150)

Website Under Construction

I'm still working on this website. I don't expect the structure to change, but there may be proofreading errors and other discrepancies that I have yet to catch. It should be in good shape by Monday morning, though.

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I Know You Will Be Crushed, But...

I will be away at a conference Wednesday through Friday.

You needn't meet in the classroom, but I am not delaying any of the work that's described on the website. Please continue to read, blog, and peer review as usual. You might consider using class time to visit the writing center, practice reading your sonnet to a classmate, or simply work on your Shakespeare paper.

The online exercise that was scheduled for Friday will be put off for a few days. (But the one rescheduled for today, Wed the 22th, has not been changed.)

I do want to call your attention to Monday's job application activity. I should have internet access while I am away, so I should be able to answer any questions as usual.

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Jerz Miscalculates

My Students Impressed Me Today (via Jerz's Literacy Weblog)

I was tsk-tsking at them and pointing out how I kind and magnanamous I was, since I wasn't giving them a pop quiz to slam their grades, that really affected the beginning of the class. But then I looked more closely...

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