Video Gaming (EL 250)

30 Nov 2005

5. Course Requirements

Online classes are not for everyone. This class will require self-motivation and a willingness to contribute meaningfully to an online environment. I will have some online Q & A banks that will disappear if you do not complete them by a certain time. Don't obsess over those activities -- they are really only designed to prime the pump, so to speak, and let you test your mastery of the subject in private, which should prepare you for a good online, public discussion. Your job is not to bookmark everything I post to my weblog and spit back the "right" answers during the quiz. Instead, you will be asked to develop the capacity to present and defend your own original thoughts about the assigned readings.

Each day at 4pm I will post discussion questions on the course weblog. You should have already completed all of that day's readings and J-Web assignments, so that you can contribute fully to the online discussion.

Keep up with the readings, reflect on them before the 4pm course blog update, and help sustain an active, positive learning environment.

I will often send out bulk e-mails to the address on file for you in the J-Web system. If you check a different address more regularly, please use SHU's e-mail forwarding service so that you don't miss important updates.

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