Video Gaming (EL 250)

30 Nov 2005

5.3 Late Penalties

The course moves so quickly that falling behind can mean serious trouble.

The J-Web online assignments (sets of study questions and short essays that I call "workbooks") are intended to be completed before the scheduled class discussion - far enough in advance that I have time to evaluate them and adjust the day's teaching accordingly. This means that the J-Web homework will be "closed" after the due date. Obviously in the event of a SHU computer failure, I will be flexible.

If you miss the deadline, but want to complete the assignment anyway, let me know - I will unlock that unit after I have recorded all the grades. But once the deadline for a J-Web workshop has passed, the opportunity to earn credit for it is gone.

I also want you to submit, via J-Web, the assignments designed as Exercises. Like the workbooks, the Exercises will be locked after the deadline. Unlike the workbooks, I will have a special slot for late work, where you can upload whatever files you want me to see. This is very important for the multi-part exercises, since you'll often need to get feedback from me before you can proceed.

I put late work at the bottom of my "to do" list. I'll do my best to be helpful, but I might not comment on it in as much detail; or, if the assignment is a draft, you might not get it back before the revision is due.

Getting Credit for Late Work
If your assignment is not online with all the others, I will record a zero for that assignment - even if I you have sent me a note warning me that your paper might be late.

In order to remove that zero, and get partial credit for your late work, follow this two-step process.

  1. Give your work a name with the following pattern: "Smith EL250 Ex 2 Late," and upload it to the late paper drop box on J-Web.
  2. Send me an e-mail, with a subject following the pattern "EL250 Ex 2 Late," and let me know I should look for your late paper in the late paper drop box on J-Web.

If you miss a J-Web workbook, you forfeit the points.

Unless I agree to another arrangement in advance, all other assignments earn an automatic 10% penalty if they are late. If your work is 24 or more hours late, the maximum you can earn is half credit. (If you miss a Friday deadline, I'll accept it for half credit if you get it in before I come to office Monday morning. (I do plan to be in the office on the Martin Luther King Holiday, though I'm not assigning any work due that day.)

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