Video Gaming (EL 250)

2 Jan 2006

Welcome to ''Video Gaming''

Welcome to EL 250, "Video Gaming"

The course website is located at The site will develop as the course progresses. I'll never move a deadline up, but I may assign additional readings or change assignments. Once classes start, I plan to post an announcement every day at about 4pm EST, and that's where you'll find a list of what you should be working on next.

The page you will want to consult most frequently is the outline (which lists all assigned readings and the due dates for major assignments).

The most important thing to note is that I'll make that 4pm update with the optimistic assumption that you have completed all the assigned work for that day. Some of the next day's work will actually be due at 9:AM, so that I have time to read and respond to it, and incorporate your progress into my daily 4PM announcement.

Feel free to post questions on the site -- I'll be happy to clarify whenever I can. I'm working on an updated blogging tutorial, but if you're dying to get started, here's a link to the existing weblog tutorial.

You can also contact me privately, if you don't wish to make your comment public.

If you e-mail me a good question, I might strip your name from it and post a public response. I won't do that if the content of your e-mail is obviously private, but otherwise I'm operating on the assumption that if you ask me a question there are probably others in the class who would benefit from the answer. If you'd prefer a private repsonse, then let me know.

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