Video Gaming (EL 250)

2 Jan 2006

Course Overview

I plan to make "EL 250: MGW: Videogaming" my full-time job for the next three weeks, and I suggest that you do the same. Since we're meeting for a total of 14 weekdays (three weeks, excluding Martin Luther King Day), each day represents a little more than a week's worth of work in an ordinary, semester-long course. During that ordinary week, you would meet for 2 1/2 hours in the classroom, and have an additional 2-3 hours worth of homework for each hour in class. Therefore, for each day the class meets, you should plan to commit several hours a day to reading assigned texts, another hour or two for interacting with your peers and me in our online, blog-based "classroom," and another several hours doing homework such as answering study questions or writing exercises and papers.

I've tried to pace things so that we're heavy on reading and short exercises in the beginning, but heavy on your own in-depth projects towards the end. Further, I'm giving everyone the no-penalty option of taking an incomplete on the final draft of the final paper, so that I have time to read and thorougly comment on the drafts that you submit on the last day of classes. (SHU policy requires that you complete 80% of the course material before you can request an incomplete, and the final paper is worth 20%, so you'll have to keep up with all the other courswork if you want to take advangate of the no-penalty final paper extension.)

Note that a draft of Ex 1: Game Review is due tomorrow morning (Jan 3), and a revision is due on Wednesday. To see what else is due tomorrow, click on the numeral for Jan 3 on the calendar in the marign of this page.

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