Video Gaming (EL 250)

12 Jan 2006

Juul, Half Real (Ch 4)

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“Graphics are probably the most important way in which games project worlds. This is undermining dialogue. If he had stated, “the fastest way for games to project worlds I would certainly agree. The human mind can take in colors faster than it can read “The blue sweater was draped on the velvet chair.” Though which takes the mind farther into the game? That is player preference. But the eyes can wander and rely on the hands to move the PC’s body to face in different directions. Maybe with the use of controllers graphics have become more than visual stimulus and also stimulate a kinetic world. To be involved in an imaginary world, the more senses that can be engaged the deeper the player will be taken. Can reading keep up with programs that can offer ‘real’ senses experience?

Posted by: Stephan Puff at January 12, 2006 08:46 PM

I was taken back with Juul's statement as well. I understand what he meant but graphics are not the answer to everything. Visuals are a wonderful way of grapping the attention of your audience but (to go along with Puff's question)reading is a powerful way to stimulate the brain. I think that reading could compete with programs that offer 'real' sences experiences if it were detailed. Painting a picture for the audience would offer better experiences than just with visuals. It strengthens the brain more. I understand that some people are just visual people; I am one of them, that is why reading would be more enjoyable and offer 'real' senses experiences if it could open up the audience's mind to become apart of the story.

Posted by: Kayla Lukacs at January 13, 2006 12:12 AM

*The Devil's Lawyer Comes Out*
Perhaps that's exactly why he said they are important--because they are faster. This would allow for less attention to text and more attention to the game.

*God's Lawyer Comes Out*
I think that text-based games can be just as, if not more interactive as graphics-based games. Rather than spend time making pretty pictures, why not spend time improving the game? Instead of making the game more playable, make the fiction more interesting and make the game more interesting.

Posted by: Evan Reynolds at January 13, 2006 01:11 AM

Exactly Evan! Even though I find text based games a little bland I think that it would be better, the game would be more entertaining and it would also open the mind more to new experiences.

Posted by: Kayla Lukacs at January 13, 2006 01:21 AM
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