Video Gaming (EL 250)

12 January 2006

Juul, Half Real (Ch 4)

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Ex 5b: Close Playing 2 (Peer Review) 10pts

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Portfolio 2 (Draft) 0pts

Optional. If you're comfortable blogging by now, you can just wait and post the whole thing tomorrow. If you think you might need some help, here's your chance to ask.

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Topics TBA.

What issues are coming up as we continue to work through Juul's book?

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Daily Update

I hope you're enjoying Juul and also getting a lot out of the more ambitious writing projects we're focusing on now. Leslie and Kayla have both come up with very different annotated lists for Tomb Raider, and Evan puts the "orc" in "Zork." Nice work, folks.

Tomorrow, we're scheduled to finish Juul, and there's another J-Web question set on that text.

The first part of Ex 6 is due tomorrow (glad to see some of you have a head start on it), and so is the second blogging portfolio. If you're behind in your online contributions, now would be a good time to start catching up.

No classes are scheduled for Monday, due to the MLK holiday, so I'm not assigning any readings or due dates. I will be working online, however, as usual.

I don't have any major new topics to introduce online, mainly because I'm engaging with each of you via the individual work you're doing towards your research paper. You're welcome to post your ideas, research notes, and drafts online if you like, but I'm also happy to work with you individually.

Note that a revised thesis and bibliography is due early next week (Ex 7), and that we also need to arrange to speak one-on-one via telephone so that we can discuss your progress.

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