Video Gaming (EL 250)

13 January 2006

Juul, Half Real (Ch 5 & Ch 6)

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Workbook Juul 2

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Ex 6: Article Analysis (40pts)

Two parts.

Part 1. (25 points)

I will assign each of you an academic article, based on the game you chose to focus on in your Close Reading 2. Write a 500-word response to this article, demonstrating your abilty to engage intellectually with the ideas found on Koster, Laurel, and/or Juul. Format your exercise according to MLA Style, including a complete and accurate MLA Works Cited page.

Part 2. (15 points)

Choose a recent game (you are welcome to choose the one you used in Part 1), and collect 10 good online sources. As you did in a previous assignment, create links to all 10 of your selected sites, and write informative blurbs for the first four sources. While you needn't go overboard, think of each "blurb" as a miniature new games journalism assignment. Instead of simply listing a dry catalog of what's on the other side of the link, draw on your subjective reactions to the website.

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Portfolio 2 (Final) (100pts)

Include an essay that reflects on your accomplishments so far, and incorporates links to online material.

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Topics TBA.

What issues are coming up as we continue to work through Juul's book?

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Daily Update

Nothing new or momentous to report today. I've enjoyed watching your ideas develop. Now it's time to start pulling it all together and making some good progress on the term paper.

I'll start looking at your J-Web work shortly, and I look forward to responding to the self-assessments you've put in your portfolios.

I hope you'll make some good progress on your term paper over the long weekend. On Tuesday we'll discuss your plans for the online presentation. If you'd like to hold it in a chat room, or you have some other ideas for what you'd like to do, let's start considering our options. Your revised close playing, and a revised thesis/bibliography are also due on Tuesday.

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