Video Gaming (EL 250)

17 January 2006

Ex 5c: Close Playing 2 (Expansion) 20pts

Revise your "close playing" to incorporate readings from the syllabus and the academic article that was the subject of Exercise 7. (600 words, 20 points.)

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Ex 7: Thesis & Works Cited

Your thesis paragraph (20pts) and Works Cited list (20pts), in proper MLA format, for your term paper.

Include a Presubmission Note (10pts) explaining how your ideas have developed since Ex 4 (your proposal).

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Discussion About Online Presentations (40pts)

Sign up for Wednesday or Thursday. Please do not simply post the full text of your term paper, or break it up into chunks with "Click here to continue" at the bottom. Nobody will want to read it online, and you'll get few useful comments for your trouble.

Your online presentation can be personal, creative, satirical, full of images and links, a podcast, a Choose Your Own Adventure story, etc. Make the kind of online presentation that you yourself would find useful and engaging. It should be ready first thing in the morning, so that the class has had the chance to view it and comment on it by midafternoon.

I should specify -- while I consider the homework (reading and responding to peer online presentatoins) to be important, it's the online presentation itself that's worth 40pts. The discussion of those presentations is worth no more than any other assigned reading.

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Daily Update

I'm continuing to work through the assignments you have recently deposited to J-Web. It has been a pleasure watching your ideas develop so quickly.

Homework for tomorrow: Read and respond to Leslie's presentation on Lara Croft, and Evan's presentation on interactive fiction.

Note that adding a simple "Good job!" comment after you've scanned through their hard work is not really going to be all that helpful.

Since there is no other assigned reading for tomorrow, I ask that you collect your thoughts and post a detailed response on your own blog, and leave a comment directing readers to your in-depth response.

Engaging intellectually with your peers certainly includes disagreement (when backed up with evidence, such as a quotation from an assigned reading), but nobody wants to be bashed in public. If you found a typo or you think your peer made a careless mistake, e-mail your peer privately. If somebody from outside the class posts an uncivil comment, don't overreact.

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Evan Reynolds on IF

Color in a Lurid World: Presentation on Visualization and IF Part 1

Why do you think the latest Harry Potter book sold more than 2 million copies opening day, but IF titles could barely scrape 100,000 in 1985?

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Leslie Rodriquez: Who Wears the Pants in Lara Croft's House?

Roamer's Zone: Online Presentation

Obviously there was something offensive about Croft and it wasn't just her appearance, it was her whole package, guns and all. For my paper I am focusing on the feminist critique of Croft and its validity based on feminist idealism.

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