American Literature I (Fall, 2004; Seton Hill University)

Quizzes (10%)

Short quizzes, about every other week, designed to reward those who are keeping up on the readings, and to motivate students who might otherwise procrastinate. (A recent academic study by Bruce Tuckman showed that students who were quizzed weekly scored about 18% higher than students who weren't quizzed.)

Oral Presentations

Panel Presentation: 5%.
Formal Oral Presentation: 10%.
Retro Slams (oral recitation; memorization is optional).
* Poetry Poetry 5%.
* Retro Lit: 5%

Portfolios (20%)

Paper 2 (15%)

The first draft is worth 5%, the revision is worth 10%.

Paper 1 (15%)

The first draft is worth 5%, and the revision is worth 10.