American Literature, 1800-1915 (EL 266)

EL 266 Homework Reminder

I always enjoy meeting new students; it was also good to see familiar faces again.

While I won't always do this, I'm sending out a note to help you adjust to the online syllabus. Click on the link below to take you to what is probably the most important page, the outline.

The syllabus is available here.

On the syllabus, one page assembles the materials for each day. For instance, here is the link to the page for today's class, which includes vocabulary terms, the full lyrics to The Star Spangled Banner, and the two short poems I want you to compare.

This page contains links to the assigned texts for Thursday, as well as brief introductions to some of the material I plan to cover on that day.

Note that the last part of the URL is a date. You can go to any day on the syllabus by changing that URL, or just clicking on the links from the calendar.

For this week, read all the short poems that are posted to the August 30 and September 1 calendar dates. If you see "continue reading", be sure to click on it to see the contiunation of that part of the website.

In the future, I will ask you to bring a written reflection paper to each class, but I won't start that until next week. More about the reflection paper (which is the fourth "R" in the "RRRR" sequence) is available on this page:

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Wednesday Night Section

In general, students who are registered in the Wednesday section must prepare the material scheduled for that week's Tuesday and Thursday sections. (I don't plan on creating a separate online schedule for each Wednesday class.)

Beginning next week, for students in both sections, brief "agenda items" that propose a discussion topic for the Tuesday readings will be due by 4pm Mondays, and the Thursday readings due before noon on Wednesday. (See the Response Paper assignment.)

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Room Change

Beginning next week, the room for the Tuesday/Thursday section of EL 266 will change to A 308. (Our previous room has character, but no computer.)

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Fall Break

(Wednesday night class meets as usual.)

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Before we're finished with "The Duke" and "The King"

Man who took dead boy's identity sentenced

A man who assumed the name of a dead baby in order to live the life of a bogus aristocrat for more than 20 years was sentenced to 21 months in jail Tuesday.

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Thanksgiving Break

(Wednesday night class is also cancelled.)

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