American Lit, 1915-Present (2005)

3 Feb 2005
Ex 1-1: Close Reading

3 pages. Avoid plot summary and character description.

Choose "Bernice Bobs Her Hair," "A Jury of Her Peers," or The Adding Machine. Choose a particular passage, scene, or recurring theme. Analyze that passage or theme in relation to the whole work.

You may, if you wish, compare the video of Bernice to the short story, or compare the story "A Jury of Her Peers" to the one-act play Trifles. Or, you may choose to focus solely on the one work you choose.

See also: How to do a close reading.

Ex 1-1 will recieve only As, Bs, or "Incomplete."

An incomplete must be taken to the writing center, revised, and resubmitted, or else the grade becomes an F two weeks after the paper is returned. Resubmitted papers will receive only Bs, Cs, or "Incomplete." This incomplete must be revised and resubmitted the following week, or it will be recorded as an F.