American Lit II (EL 267)

Wednesday Night Section

The Wednesday night section of EL 267 uses the same website as my Tue/Thu section. On Wednesday, we will complete all the work that is scheduled for the Tuesday section, then we will take a short break, and then we'll complete the Thursday work.

I'm working on a more convenient way of present the work in a weekly format, but for the moment, I'll just here remind you that next Wednesday, you should complete all the assignments scheduled for next Tuesday and next Thursday.

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Fall Break

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Fall Break

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You'll Probably Be Crushed by the News...

I'll be away at a conference Wednesday through Friday.

I am not delaying any of the work that is due (please continue to read, blog, and work on your papers normally). However, class will not meet on Wednesday and Thursday. I encourage you to use that time productively. You might wish to visit the writing center, post coments on a larger-than-usual number of peer weblogs, or just read ahead.

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Easter Break

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