Jerz: New Media Projects (EL405)

Course Overview

Welcome to EL 450, "New Media Projects."

The course website is located at I will update the online syllabus periodically, so the printout I give you is only for your convenience on the first day of classs. The offical version of the syllabus is the online version (though I will notify you in advance of any significant changes).

Topics for today:

  • Review syllabus.
  • Writing for the internet is first and foremost writing (not coding or design).
  • Computer-mediated writing depends on computers (and computers can be frustrating and demanding).
  • What is print culture?
  • Histrorical context exercise.

The front page of the blog only shows the main class topic and the main readings scheduled for that day. To get a full list of the lesson plan for any day, click on the date on the calendar.

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Interactive Fiction

Re-introduction to the genre.

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The Games Factory 2 Workshop

The sample games on the CD include examples of an opening game screen and a high-scores table. Use those examples to create a mock-up of your game's opening screen, high-score table, and the screen for the first level of your game.

Thus, your game should begin with the opening screen. There should be a "start" button of some kind, which loads frame 2 (the first level of the game). If your game has multiple levels, then trigger events should load the next level. When the game ends (in defeat or vidtory), the player should see the high-scores table, and have the chance to play over again.

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The Games Factory 2 Workshop

Continue working on Ex 3.

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The Games Factory 2 Workshop

Continue working on Ex 3.

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Project 1 Workshop

Aim to have a working project by now.

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3D Graphics Workshop

I'm leaving the outline of this unit rather sketchy, as I'd like to wait until I've seen how the class goes, before I can get a realistic sense of what we'll be able to accomplish here.

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3D Graphics Workshop

Download this Blender file: Ludwig2

If all goes well, we will use it with this mystery file... (oooh!)

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Hammer Workshop 1

If we can get through two or three of these today, I'll be delighted.

Hammer 1
Hammer 2
Hammer 3
Hammer 4
Hammer 5

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Final Exam (actual date TBA)

There is no final exam as such. Instead, students will present their final version of Project 2 during the final exam time slot.

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