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Anonymous, ''Everyman'' -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)

God: "They forget clean, and shedding of my blood red;
I hanged between two, it cannot be denied;
To get them life I suffered to be dead;"

When reading this quote by God, I thought of the Bible and Religion. -A side note for when I was reading this quote was that I thought of the movie, "The Passion of Christ."- I now notice that Religion is a large role in almost all poetry or short stories. It is very interesting to me that a lot of the symbolism can be related to religion. As a play overall, I thought that the title fit the entire story. This was because it told that most of this play applied to "everyone." Just as Maggie wrote in her blog about Adam and Eve, I thought that it is very interesting how much can be related to the Bible. I believe that this quote can be referred to as an Allusion. This is because the quote is from the Bible which is a historical work and this was a very important event in time. The word choice or diction was very interesting throughout this story because it rhymned in some areas, yet told about a religious story throughout. For example, when reading the quote, I thought that the diction was abstract so that we could refer to the Bible, but also formal in most parts. Overall, I thought that this quote was interesting becuase of the diction and symbolism that we can get out of it.

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I agree with you, Derek. This seems like an allusion, and after reading the latest Hamilton excerpt, it basically proves itself.

Also, you brought to my attention that almost all poetry and short stories can be paralleled to religion. I guess it is safe to say that religion impacts *everything* that we humans do.

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