Reflection paper: The After Life

London, ''To Build a Fire'' -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)

Reflection paper incorporating connections from the past four short-stories.

There are many connections to be made throughout the readings, but Death was a major factor that I noticed. This connection was reinforced through blog entries of other classmates. One example was from Jenna who commented within her blog (-75 degrees is a great time to go outside) about Religion and death being a major part of the story. I find it interesting that after reading four short stories by different authors that death is the conclusion. I believe that if I were to read the stories separate over time then I would have not made this important connection. In addition to death in a story, I feel that religion greatly affected the way the story was interpreted. I have commented in many of blog entries about religion and a divine faith being symbols or just references. It seemed very interesting that authors use death and religion as a developing factor. These two connections have made me connect rhetorical strategies such as repetition, symbolism and imagery to the text.

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