The Perfect Job...

Lemire (skim Ch 2-7) -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)

Types of Jobs

--Arts/Entertainment Critic--

"Being a critic of some kind-food, music, book, theater- might impress
the undergraduate reporter as being fun and even say easy."

I liked this section within Chapter four because it tells of different jobs that an English major can get. I always liked going to the movies and hearing about what the critics had to say, but I never knew it was a lot of work. This quote is interesting because it states that "being a critic might impress the undergradute reporter as being fun and easy" but there's a lot of work invovled. As you continue to read within the text it states that the critic's had plenty of other tasks to complete in addition to what they already did. This seems as though it could be a challenging job which you would have to write a lot of reviews and articles. Overall, I liked this quote because it tells people that there's more to a critic job than most people think.

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