Rhyming has a Literary Term!!


Hamilton, Essential Literary Terms (226-246) -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)

"A tercet or triplet is a group of three lines, usually sharing the same rhyme"

I really enjoy poetry when the lines rhyme. I think it takes time and effort to compose a poem that rhymes throughout. The example of Robert Herrick's, "Upon Julia's Clothes" was a great example of this term. I never knew that three lines that rhyme in a poem had a literary term. Not only does three lines that rhyme have a literary term, but so does two which is called a couplet. I am glad that I have this book because it informs me of what certain things are called in literature.


Rhyming is definitely very hard. I especially admire the poets who use the terza rima, where so many words have to rhyme. I never thought about it, but apparently there are fewer words you can rhyme in English than Italian. While it takes skill to write non-rhyming poetry as well, it seems like you really have to know your words inside and out in order to write poetry that rhymes this regularly.

Derek, I too like when poems rhyme. And I think it was interesting learning about all the different rhyming schemes as well. It's just educational to learn the different terms for information we knew all ready!

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