Reflection Paper - "Equal Opportunity"

It is very interesting how Mrs. McIntyre uses prejudice throughout the story. After reading Bethany Merryman’s blog entry I made a connection. She stated that discrimination is prevalent in today’s society and people don’t want immigration to occur. I agree very much with her because in order to develop as an individual and as a nation one must understand different nationalities. Throughout the story the “displaced people” were looked down upon and discriminated against. As I stated in my blog, at the end of the story, Mrs. McIntyre is sick and trying to maintain her declining health. It is important to not forget about cultural context as a whole because it is important to understand and treat everyone equally. In addition, Bethany also stated that we take our freedoms for granted and I agree. I think that we should be more grateful for what we have as a country and the freedoms that are included. This story really brought light to some important issues in the world today. Overall, it is important to accept and value every individual regardless of their ethnic background.

Reference: Bethany Merryman's Blog Entry

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