Reflection paper - "Masterminds and the Future of Tomorrow"

Card, Ender's Game Ch 1-6 -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)

Reflection Paper for the story "Ender's Game"

This story has been nothing but interesting and educational for me. I felt that I could make many connections with the story as I was reading. Jenna Miller stated in her blog that, “the geniuses do help the world evolve. If no one thought outsid of the box or took a risk think of how boring and undeveloped the world would be.” I thought that this was a very interesting connection made with the story because I stated in my blog about a person called, “Brain Man.” This person’s name is Daniel and he is 27 years old and has what I call mastered the math world. He has excellent memory recall and he can calculate answers for extreme multiplication problems with ease. In making a connection with Jenna’s blog, it is true that people with brilliant abilities contribute great information to the world. For example, just think how the world would be different if Albert Einstein was never born. These types of questions are important to think of because many people have helped advance research whether it is in science or everyday life. Overall, I thought that this was an interesting connection to make because it relates to life and the story.

Reference: Jenna Miller's Blog Entry: "Best Reading of this Course"

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