Reflection Paper - "New Generation and World Order"

Zunder, "Shakespeare and the End of Feudalism..." -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)

Reflection paper for Zunder, "Shakespeare and the End of Feudalism..."

Throughout the play entitled, King Lear Cordelia seems to be the good for the story. It starts when she does not do what her father wants her to do because it is not right. At the end of the story she dies in her father’s arms. She forgives him for what he has done which is a good thing to do. It was interesting how Maggie stated, “…when Cordelia dies at the end, all that was once good has come to an end as a new generation is ready to take order.” This seems to be very true because now that Cordelia has died along with many other people too, the story has to start a new generation. It is also interesting to state that the two groups of people are from different generations and how the history of the story has played a role in this play. Overall, this is good to notice in the play because once Cordelia is gone then the good seems to be taken away and a new generation has to begin.

Reference: Maggie's Blog Entry: Endings and Beginnings

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