Such a tragic ending...

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Shakespeare, King Lear Acts 3-5 -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)

"Your lady, sir, your lady. And her sister
By her is poisoned. She confesses it."

People ususally say that you get what you deserve in the end. I think that Goneril and Regan both got what was coming. It is interesting that once the two mean daughters die then Cordelia then Edmund and then finally Lear die also. It seemed as though one person after another were dieing. The play was very good overall, but was not a fairy tale ending. It is also interesting that even though Cordelia was nice in the begining and did not say what her father wanted her to say, she still did not live.

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Good point to notice Jenna. After I read what you have stated, I also agree that it was almost a cleansing, leaving the best characters left.

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