Medical Field and the law HIPAA

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Wit -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)

Code Team.

(As they administer electric shock, Vivian's body arches and bounces back down.)

--Almost ready!
--Hit her!
--Pulse? Pulse?

I thought this play was very interesting becuase of the relationships with the characters. I found this quote very interesting becuase Vivian had already signed a DNR paper which means that she does not want the doctors to bring her back to life when she passes away. Cancer is a disease that is terrible and hard to stop or treat. I have experienced family members who had cancer and it is terrible to watch them over time. I thought that it was non-professional to try and bring Vivian back after she already signed the papers. In addition, in current society, the HIPAA law would greatly prohibited this and it would also be a big issue with the family because she had already signed the papers. Overall, I thought it was interesting that the nurses and doctors didn't look in her records to see that she signed the DNR papers. This quote also gives such a vivid imaget that Vivian had to experience.

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Derek, I agree that it was wrong and immoral for them to try and save Vivian when she clearly had signed the papers. Cancer is a tough thing to deal with, but with all the imagery in this short play, I was provided with what somebody with cancer goes through, and I feel terrible for people who really do have to experience that.

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