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A unified vote was accomplished, on February 19, and many class members have decided on a topic.

The chosen story is from Dubliners, "The Dead." (Irish literature)

I, Derek Tickle, will be the initial host for this blog carnival.

As we approach the climax of this carnival, I will turn over the host rights to Greta. She will provide a summation paragraph on this blog entry about what criticism we have concluded for "The Dead."

First, please comment on this blog stating that you want to join in this blog carnival.

Secondly, please create your own blog entry that states a quote or something interesting and relate it to one of the criticisms that we have been learning about.

Thirdly, please list your blog address on this blog entry as a comment so all of the members can access the related discussion.

Lastly, please refer back to this blog entry for any updated blogs and continue discussion on the blog entries that our committed peers have created.

Also, if anyone has any confusion please click here and it will link you to the portfolio directions. Refer to #3 on this list for additional links and information on the blog carnival.

My carnival friends and I have requested that you please post your blog entry by Monday, February 23, 2009.

Happy 2009 Blogging Carnival to all!!


I'll join in. I have already written my entry about the last sentence of "The Dead." I also thought it would be fun to make different booths/ activities at a carnival the titles. My blog's address is

Count me in. I have written mine as well and I kept with Angela's idea of relating the title to a carnival. So, for your reading pleasure, here is "The House of Mirrors."

Thanks, Angela!

I think that it would be a great idea if everyone could create different booths and/or activities for their blog entry. This will allow our class and outside readers to understand where that blog entry may be going.

The Host has made a post!

My blog is called The House of Shoes - The Beginning or End of A Soul...

It provides an interesting comparison between Angela's Horror House

Hey I'm joining in! Take a look at "The Illusionist"....

Hey I'm In check out "What is Dead?"

All right everyone, great job with the blogging. Just to wrap things up, here's the final compilation of all our work.

So Come One, Come All to Our Carnival of "The Dead"

Hey I would love to join, you tell me where to find the story and you will get yourself a freak for the show.

JR - Here is the link for the entire text - and here is the link for the summary -

The story was in our book, Dubliners. We had to read it for Irish Literature. It's kind of long, but you may be able to find it online, James.

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