What if your Life was a Dream of Reality

"The beast is born, and with its coat patterned with beautiful spots, no sooner is it starred like a constellation than the bold and cruel needs of mankind" (Appelbaum 11 & 13).

Wow, this quote reminded me of how Atufal in "Benito Cereno" came out with chains on.

Both Atufal and Segismundo remind a reader of how slavery was an issue that authors portrayed through characters.

The reference to mankind made me think about how humans (mankind) cause acts of violence such as slavery in order to better theirselves.

So, why do Appelbaum and Melville use characters that represent slavery in a different sense? Segismundo achieves the honor of power in the end of "Life is a Dream" whereas Atufal makes Benito Cereno question his decisions because of his size.

What if these authors are trying to explain that psychology is a way to understand why humans made African Americans be slaves?

This can be referenced to current society. African Americans were forced into slavery in the earlier parts of history, but as time passed "mankind" has made a race, once of no power, into a race with as equal power as any other human.

Is the dream that Segismundo is forced into by Basilio a way of looking at reality? Or does Segismundo use this "dream" to achieve power and marriage in the end?

A person, Segismundo, who was dressed in animal skins and forced into prison, has evolved into a person of dignity, power, and acceptance or is it just a dream?

A question that I will leave you with:

Does Rosaura dress like a man to afford the same treatment that Segismundo has had to endure?

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