Comedy and Fear = A Neutral Approach

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First I want to say that the play "Life is a Dream" at Seton Hill was EXCELLENT!

While reading the text, I did not understand the comic lines or scenes within this play.

I thought that Matt Henderson did a great job in portraying how a serious play can have a lot of emotion with laughter.

At the beginning of the play, Matt gave up his sword to the guards and said "here is my sword even though it is imitating." I heard the laughter echo throughout the room.

On a more serious note, when Segismundo becomes Prince he questions how he got it. He said "Is this a dream or not?" This made me wonder how Segismundo knows when he is in reality or in a dream.

Lastly, Astolfo mentioned about reaching for the stars. This made me wonder how reaching for the stars for a figurative statement and cannot truly be accomplished.

Overall, this play was excellent and I thought that the SHU actors and behind the scenes workers did a terrific job and I congratulate them on an excellent job done!

After seeing the play, I was able to connect the text with an image and between the both of these I have been able to understand the text in a better way!

Click here for the course web page devoted to "Life is a Dream."

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I agree that the play was great. From reading the other blogs, it seems that many of us did not realize that Clarin was supposed to be humorous. At the play, I was laughing a lot, but when I read it I thought Clarin was a serious character. This all goes back to author intent. In Keesey’s book, I remember it said that we should view the work in its original form. That definitely holds true for this play.

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