Critic Gaston Bachelard and the Female Sacrifice

While you probably are wondering why I am writing a blog about Bachelard since it does not relate to this week's readings (March 18, 2009).

This blog is designed because of the amount of material that is necessary in order to develop a great presentation in class. This blog is additional information that I wanted to use in my presentation, but due to time constraints, I will have to explain it, to the best of my knowledge, in this blog.

Gilbert and Gubar talk about the critic Gaston Bachelard and how he relates women to objects and/or houses. While reading this section of the text, I thought about how women are related to objects throughout their entire lives.

Let me try to demonstrate what I mean:

Pregnancy = The womb

Childhood = Doll Houses

Adulthood = Caring for the house

Death = usually in a house

Now this is very interesting because it shows how females are involved with a house in one type or another. Now when referring females to houses, we do not have to actually mean a "house." It can mean a womb, a toy representating a pleasure activity, or the chores that come with adulthood.

So, the life of women is referred to houses throughout their entire life.

Do you think that an intertextual reading implies this reference or is it our culture/society that makes author's write with such emphasize placed on houses?

Now how about this...

Look at the first letter of each word that I listed in order to describe a female's stages of life. They are listed as P, C, A, D. I mixed the letters up some and came to a very interesting conclusion. First, I put the letters in a specific order such as P, A, C, D. Next, I related specific words to these letters which spelled "Painful association causes death." I thought of this term in reference to The Yellow Wallpaper. Do you think that this relates to the text? And why?

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