Personal Opinion and Author/ Reader Intent

"My intention, in other words, is not to counter the literary theories I have critically examined in this book with a literary theory of my own, which would claim to be more politically acceptable" (Eagleton 178).

This is the final chapter in Eagleton's book and it is a great way to summarize what we have learned, thus far, in Literary Criticism.

It seems as though Eagleton is stating, in the quote above, that his opinion or critical advice is one way of looking at a text, but it is not the only way. There is a political emphasize placed upon this statement, as it states, because it shows how his view is geared towards the "politically acceptable" (Eagleton) audience.

Eagleton does a great job at concluded his book in addition to Keesey's essays. He mentions the rhetorics and language and their importance in literature. As a reader and critic, we need to look at all literary devices and viewpoints that the authors present us with.

Eagleton states in his last paragraph that "It is not out of the questions that the death of literature may help the lion awaken" (Eagleton 189). This quote has a lot of power to it and refers to how new ideas and concepts are only born when an old theory or idea passes away. Would you agree?

It is through the ideas and theories of the past that will shape our future of literature.

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