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The Grand Finale of Presentations

At the beginning of the last class, Angela and I presented our movie re-enactment and the website that we created over the past several weeks. The next presentation that I will begin to reflect on was from Jenna and Erica. There presentation went very well and consisted of many ideas related to Pride and Prejudice. They began their discussion of this text and movie with historical and inter-cultural criticism. Jenna and Erica related this book to another culture and country. In addition, they showed us a movie scene from a generation ago to the present. At the end, they conducted a picture movie that described how the zombies would attack the characters in the book. Overall, this presentation went very well and I really liked the picture movie. By the way, the pictures look wonderful!

The next presentation was from Bethany and Ellen. There discussion revolved around The Three Little Pigs. I bet your thinking what an interesting idea this way because it was! They began by showing us a sing along clip of the three little pigs. Next, they used some post-structuralism and show how and why the pigs did what they did. They asked what the pig’s purposes were. An answer to this question was to teach child to not go with strangers or trust people that they do not know. Another question that was asked was "Why are so many different tales and books about this popular children's story?" An answer to this question differed some because of how society has changed so much and how the there are new problems in the world today that were not present in the past. Overall, this presentation was another job well done - Congrats girls!

A third presentation was by Mara and Kaylee. There presentation discussed the history of Boxcar Children. Before this presentation I had only heard about this book, but had no experience with it. They taught us about the history of Warner’s audience, ghost writers, ESL vs. English students, mimetic and historical criticism. Even thought there was a lot of information to be covered, they did a good job in using their twenty minutes wisely. I learned about author intent and how the language over time has progressed from being basic to more difficult. This can be seen by the evolution of societies and their knowledge of language and text. This brings up an interesting point of how society has changed to become a more literate culture and well-rounded society. Lastly, as a part of this presentation I learned about imagery and the basic to complicated level of reading that takes place in this text. On a side note, we were taught that there are 119 total books consisting of different authors. Mind-boggling isn't it...

The final presentation of the evening was from James and Michelle. I was really excited to hear that they were going to use literary criticism in relation to rap and their artists. The presentation began with a video clip of Snoop Dog and his song "Jin and Juice." A favorite song of many turned into a serious matter when James discussed the language that it contains. It was amazing to hear and view how many times women are degraded in the song. Is this because of how society portrays women or is it because of how the music industry wants to make money? This type of question involves some academic research and use of Derrida's theory. Finally, they concluded with a question of "why are women called names?" I will not list specific because of their nature, but I will say that there seems to be some stereotypical thoughts hovering around this question.

With that said, I want to quickly reflect on tonight's class and the course in general. If you want to read a detailed reflection, then please refer to my reflection of literary criticism at SHU. The presentations from last week and this week were excellent because of how each group took a different approach and used several different schools of thought. Dr. Jerz ended the class by asking us to look back on the course to the first day of class and think about what we have accomplished now being at the end. The answer was determination, perseverance, and dedication to succeed. This course made me use in-depth thinking skills, close reading skills, and time management skills to their fullest potential. Overall, Dr. Jerz has been an excellent teacher in this course and I believe that I will begin my last fall semester with a knowledge base that is full of literary details and sources. I also want to thank everyone in the course for being great friends and making literary criticism a fun class to come to each week!

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Term Progress Summary

Term Progress Report Update

After deciding on our topic of The Dark Knight, we collaborated and organized our notes in order to create a website. We chose specific ideas and terms for three characters: Batman, the Joker, and Harvey Dent. Based on the notes, we described Batman as having a Christ complex and being a self-created God. The idea of justice is also prevalent because of how he struggles between the identities of Bruce Wayne and Batman.

Another character called the Joker is described as having an Oedipus complex. As a result of this complex, he is associated with four major concepts. They include testing Batman, being a nihilist, being a manipulator, and having a distorted mind. The Joker’s knowledge is centered on human nature and how to trick someone into changing their thoughts or mindset. Lastly, Harvey Dent is associated with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs pyramid because of how he is between two levels of needs. Havey along with Batman are seen as having a Christ complex which is focused around Gotham and Rachael. Dent also has issues of trusting people and displays the theory of chance when he becomes two face.

Based on the notes and ideas, we created the specific character web pages along with the links. This process helped make the website more user-friendly and allowed us to begin writing the specific details of each character. After we composed the website, consisting of several hours, we decided to perform a scene from the movie. This scene involves the Joker and Harvey Dent and required a lot of preparation. I traveled to a movie/artist’s business and purchased the make-up that we needed in order to make the reenactment successful. Along with this, I purchased movie (DVD-R) discs in order to have the presentation recorded. After purchasing all of the materials, Angela and I both rehearsed for several hours, in excess of six, in order to remember specific lines and movements that the characters performed in the movie.

When evaluating the work that Angela and I did on this entire project, I would have to say that we equally contributed. The dedication that we had for this project and our course grades helped make it a success and resulted in excellent group work. As a result of working together, my knowledge of psychological criticism has been enhanced and will be a benefit when I become a school teacher. My knowledge will be passed onto my students through different lessons and this will help prepare them for a successful future in education and life.

Overall, the work and desire for this project began with the status set extremely high. This is because of how we both strive to succeed in all of our academic accomplishments and want to make this final project meaningful for us and our classmates. As a result of the countless hours we spent working together, our commitment, and enthusiasm has made this project the best that it could be. This project will be remembered for many years and this will be a highlight of my college career when I look back at my academic accomplishments and hard work.

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