Is this really news in Haiti?

After watching the "Onion, Something Is Happening in Haiti" video, I thought that the news was not really news. The news anchor in the studio and the news reporter kept going back and forth and did not really know what was happening. It was amazing when the anchor said that there was an "explosion," but was there really?

She begins by saying there was a "protest," then a "soccer victory," then an out of control "riot," then a "celebration," then a "coup," then an "explosion," then a "picnic," but was it any of these or just simply an "election?"

Wow! I couldn't watch television news, if it continually was like this short video from Haiti. There was not a moment of similar reactions about this event, but simply random negative comments that seemed to end by saying there was an election.

Also, why does the reporter say that it is the "biggest event?" She almost seemed to be inferring that nothing happened in Haiti, but I bet a lot does.

It's amazing to watch breaking news compared to pre-prepared news that is worked out perfectly because breaking news changes every second and there is no pre-prepared slides or information.

Click here for the web page devoted to Haiti.

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