Terror and Sickness - Topics of Dismay

Scanlan stated that there are "prizewinning stories on the topics of terrorism, war and disasters" (214). It is important to understand that terrible events also attract news reporters and writers because it is not usual news. This may be one reason that the Tribune-Review has listed the fallen Twin Tower memorial on the front page instead of putting it in the national or later section of the paper. The title to this piece is called "Symbol of Endurance" (Tribune A 121, 204). It is refreshing to read that they are still working on the memorial and have not forgotten it, but it seems to be because it was a major historical event due to terrorism. We certainly can agree that it was a terrible act and it should receive coverage, but according to Scanlan these events are what bring the showcase stories.

A second point that is interesting is about the article on A3 called "Swine flu toll may hit 90,000." Scanlan wrote a piece on about "Opinion and Persuasion Classic" (284) which seem to make the public believe what the paper wants them to. The font of the text for the title of this article is rather large (more than 18 font) and may seem to be a scare tactic from the government to some people. Is it or not... When putting aside your opinion, we can agree that the swine flu is a scary topic, but why put that font so large and leave Gadhafi's article title font smaller (like a 14 font).

So between terrorism and persuasion tactics, a newspaper can have it all. It is terrible that we have to report on these issues, but it seems that the way they are written could inform readers that a topic is more important than another based on the font size or wording.

Based on two topics from Scanlan's book and the Tribune Review, do certain topics require different fonts and/or wording?

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