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Disclaimer: A lot of effort went into each blog entry because I feel that it is no different than an in-class homework assignment. All of my entries were submitted before the due date and most of my blogs sparked discussion that was brought up in class.

Each entry, assigned text categories, received a blog entry from me detailing my thoughts and academic comments on the text. The Camera, the Reporter, the News Room, AND YOU (or not) was a blog of mine that received depth on my part and a class discussion among myself and three other peers. This was one of the very first blogs in Newswriting in which I sparked some discussion and went in depth. This blog entry discussed how a comic strip was very similar to a news reporter in the way the information was attained. Another interesting assignment required each student to watch one half-hour session of the news (WTAE) at some point in our day. I watched two segments of WTAE news that occurred on two different days. You are probably wondering how much of the news is really news because of the commercials and side talking. In this blog entry, Matt Henderson and I had a discussion about how the news wants to make money and report news at the same time.

On one hand, someone can say that the news is bias, but is the news a beauty contest or just discriminating? This blog entry presented the class with the idea of our culture liking people for what they look like instead of what they know. April Minerd stated that "A picture is worth a thousand words" on this blog because of how our society looks upon good-looking people more so than the everyday person. In addition to this blog about the news, our culture, and the appearance of people, I composed a Youtube.com video that visually shows how the News and I relate. This video went beyond the basic requirement of bringing something to class to turn in because I wanted to provide the class with a video which was similar to watching the news.

As the class has progressed, Dr. Jerz published an article about English essays and News stories. After reading the comparative list, I thought about Academic Writing compared to News Writing - Why the difference? I used a quote from the chart about the news being a series of facts and not just simply a list of unrelated information. Angela quickly responded and posted a Youtube.com URL in which it shows how the news can be quick and random because of breaking news. The discussion continued for three days from the date of my blog posting.

The next learning experience involved an obituary and how to write one. I always knew that you can know someone's religion without the specific word because of how an obituary is written. Someone can simply write that events will take place at the Catholic Church and you probably will be able to assume that they are Catholic is some way. In one day, this blog entry sparked a lengthy discussion among my peers because a lady in the obituary, that the class, read was referred to as "Uncle Mary." I wonder why...

As a freshman, English-literature major, at Seton Hill University I was taught to SHOW and not TELL, so I decided to write a blog about showing instead of telling. So, When writing, SHOW don't just TELL and over four days, I received a great discussion from my classmates because they were taught the same process. This blog entry refers to Cappon who is the author of "Guide to News Writing." Journalists can change the world with just the way they write because people will usually believe what the paper says.

As for the Xeno blogging, Gretta wrote about the picture of a smiling man=homicide? in which I was the first to comment and sparked some discussion. I also commented, first, on The Only Titles I Can Think of are Tasteless, So...Obituaries it is and especially in Anglea's blog entry entitled Get to the point in which I left a comment first and then my classmates agreed with me. The Comment Grande occurred on Aja Hannah's blog entitled Imagine the Internet in which I discussed how a news reporter should be unique and then I asked some questions and the class developed long comments to Aja's blog and made it a great entry. A comment informative and link gracious blog occurred in Is the Newspaper a form of controversy or is it simply facts... because my peers posted comments and then I went back and asked a question in order to continue the discussion. On a side note, I linked A Famous Person Has Died course web page to Arthur Nobile's blog site in which he discussed the life of Michael Jackson and the news.

The blog that I chose for my Wildcard entry is entitled The Camera, the Reporter, the News Room, AND YOU (or not). because of the depth that I present my classmates and the academic comments that are listed. This blog also includes questions in order to promote further discussion online and in-class.

Lastly, I have been composing reflections since the RRRR sequence was initiated and I wrote News Worthiness vs. News Wordiness, Active vs. Passive, Format, Facts and then the Article, and Writing with Attitude. These four reflections are just the beginning of how the blogs from my classmates have contributed to my method of thinking.

Overall, Newswriting has been very productive and informative because of how many different formats of writing I am learning. I am eager to progress in this course and learn as much as I can about Newswriting so my future (older) elementary school students can make projects that revolve around the news and life.

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