Reflection #6: An Article with a Connection

Matt Henderson’s blog entry listed some extremely important terms that are important to consider when reading or studying a news article. Matt mentioned how the articles seemed to relate to “people” instead of the event. I had not thought about this before because I was focusing on the human aspect instead of the event. I think that a news article should try to contain some of each. If people are mentioned in the article, then the event or topic should be described with some depth. As mentioned in the comment, I could image the news reporter or writer standing at the event in front of the interviewee or event personnel. This part of the article is important to me because I like to have different learning styles, visual and kinesthetic, when trying to learn a new topic or happening. Finally, as Matt touch upon, I believe that it is extremely important to incorporate some personality and emotion into the article because this will help the reader become involved in the article and possibly relate to what is occurring.

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