Reflection #5: Emotion vs. Academic Words

Angela’s blog entry entitled “Abducted by Aliens” made me think of how emotion in a news article is very important. A lot of crime scene articles talk about the punishment that the intruder will receive, but what about the victim or person that will suffer the rest of their lives from the event. I think that a news article should contain quotes or facts that people can relate to in crimes instead of making the articles so academic. The normal person, I’m assuming, does not know criminal laws and punishment fines, but the newspapers always publish this kind of information. One reason that I thought of was that writers do this in order to make the interloper so bad. If a news article did not contain any information about what the criminal would receive as a result of their crime, then most people would not care about the article. As soon as a writer begins speaking about “aggravated assault, corruption of minors, and criminal conspiracy” in their article, then the reader becomes very interested. A reason could be that the reader wants to know how terrible of an event it was or exactly what happened, but those words have emotion in them.

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