Journalists can change the world!


"The language of journalism is concrete and specific; it is active and filled with people in action; the important things come first so that meaning is clear; it is democratic and, as a result, tough and plain" (Clark & Scanlan 300).

How is that your a quote! Well, I thought that this quote was very true. Just think about our parents and/or grandparents who read the paper a lot. Many people throughout the entire world take what they read in the paper to be true and nothing can stop their thinking. Journalism seems to have a specific writing because of how informative and start to the point it is.

Once again, when we write a news article, we never are supposed to put fluff or unnecessary words in it - would you agree? This is why journalism is "concrete and specific." How is it active? Well, each news article contains sources, at least three, which contribute their side of the story or idea. How is meaning clear? Well, the articles are very straight forward and do not contain words just for space. Each article has a specific purpose and gets the job done. And of course, each article is "tough and plain" because of how great news articles can be.

The reason why I am explaining each point is because Newswriting has a great voice and can change the way a lot of people think. Just think of the power that journalists have - more than most jobs!

Journalists are very essential in today's world and without them we would not have newspapers or online articles to tell us what is occurring.

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If you think about it, journalists are also what keeps many people in line. Think of a politician. What could possibly hurt his/her career more than bad press? If a journalist reported that a congressman kicked a puppy do you think he'd get back in office? Because of journalists, the congressman may withhold his rage and think twice before he fulfilled his desire to bring harm to a cuddly critter.

Nice example, Angela! I agree that journalists are who tell society which politican is good or bad. I mean in terms of what they do and how they do it. They put a lot of pressure upon the government (as an example).

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