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"Prepare your pitch with a little reporting. Talk to some people. Search the newspaper's library. Is this really a new idea? You don't want to be pitching a story that was written six months ago" (Grimm).

After reading this article, I really found the above quote to be very useful when trying to write a news article. I really like baseball, so when Grimm mentioned pitch, I was ready to catch!

As a news reporter, we must talk to people to acquire quotes and find out information that we may or may not know. The library is a great place for research or just to find out information. Once again, no one wants to read about an article that is old news or even a couple days old.

Lets take the writing-baseball analogy and see if it works. When you are the pitcher, then you must focus on your target. This is the same thing you do when writing an article. You must focus on the topic and keep it to the point with facts and quotes. The next step that the pitcher takes is to lift his/her arm and prepare to throw the ball. This is were getting the facts comes into play because we must interview witnesses, get worthy facts from educational places, and finally cover all of the bases before writing the article. The last goal that the pitcher has is to throw the ball to the hitter at home plate. This is when the reporter or author writes the article and publishes it in the paper.

Click here for the course web page devoted to "How to pitch a story."


I wish I had known this stuff before. (Nice pitcher analogy.) I suggested a couple great ideas when I first started working with the Setonian and the editors got really excited, only to remember that some months ago or just last year a similar article had been done like this.

I didn't know enough at the time to rehash my idea/take it from a different angle, and pursue it.

Great analogy, Derek. I have one to add. Then the pitcher must wait to see if the hitter, being the editor, smacks the ball out of the air and right back into his gut. This would, of course, be the editor rejecting your idea. It is up to you then to pick yourself back up and be ready to pitch again.

I loved your addition to my analogy, Angela!! :) When I read that "it hit into his gut," I could feel the emotion that was in the sentence. Excellent word choice!

I'm not even going to try to add to that baseball analogy, I think Angela and Derek have it covered. Derek, you're right that no one wants to hear about an article that's even a couple days old. Amazing how fast we lose interest. But I'm as guilty as the next person. Two days after the vmas, when I saw that video of Kanye snatching the microphone, I definitely labled it as "old news".

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