The Artistic expression in Journalists


"You can avoid mumblers by being specific and concrete, giving the reader a picture. A clever phrase, a touch of humor, and an ironic contrast help" (Cappon 26).

I don't know if I like visual writing because I am a pretty good visual learner or if that is just my preference. Cappon said to try and make our writing "Visual." I think that this is a good idea for any writing. When someone writes a sentence that has humor in it and the reader laughs, then that is good. Many research studies have concluded by saying that laughter is better for the soul, then sadness.

Instead of telling someone that the driveway was pretty, show them. Tell the reader that the driveway was lined with beautiful flowers and foreign trees that produced blossoms on during the fall months. This picture is much better, than saying something was pretty. Would you agree? I bet.

As for the question that Dr. Jerz wrote on the course web page, I don't think that many articles begin with "what." I checked out a few online news sources such as Newspaper profiles valley's most wanted and Trendy Cars of Year 2010 and neither of these articles began with "when" in any of the paragraphs.

I bet people do begin with "when" because that word is the starting place for an article. When did the event occur? What day?

Click here for the course web page devoted to Cappon, Ch. 3.


"When" seems to be the staple starting point for an article. In Wednesday's Tribune, 3 out of 4 articles I glanced at, on the front page, used "when" in the lead. For something to be news it has to be current, so maybe that is why the time is placed first.
As to laughter, you're right--who doesn't like to laugh? Laughter is enjoyment, and enjoyment results from entertainment. But that may be why we don't see too much clever humor in news writing, because its main purpose is delivering information.

Your blog title reall grabbed my attention. An that is interesting Cappon's statement. I am a Visual learner to I like things in front of me so I can interpret them.So making my writing more visul is a a challenge because I am doing it essences for other readers not so much me.
:) great points and laughing is apart of life so it is a good thing

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