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After reading Angela’s blog entry entitled “I Like Me Some Color,” I had thought about how important color in when writing or formatting a newspaper. As for the paper layout, Angela said that it contained “bits of texts, but not too much” which seems to be very important amongst all of the papers that were listed. As Angela noted, it seems as though the paper is moving towards a more visual style instead of simply having story after story. Each one of Angela’s comments about the newspaper contained some aspect of how the pictures added to her liking. This blog entry made me realize that a newspaper does not have to be boring and suited towards an older group in society, but it should be lively and colorful. Whether someone is twenty or eighty years old, the paper should be appealing to both all groups. One reason that I do not read a newspaper on a regular basis is because of how many words and stories are condensed onto one page. I much rather would prefer to see a variety of text and pictures with a lot of the articles. Overall, Angela made a great point about a paper having pictures and color because it add to their selling scheme and make the readers take a second look when walking past.

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