What is a Profile?

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After reading the sample profile by Stockton, I realized how important we need to be when it comes to recognizing other people's emotions and/or needs.

"More than 14,000 residents with violent and addictive pasts have graduated from Delancey Street moving on to restore family lives" (Stockton).

The above quote really stood out to me because it is amazing that such a vast group of people graduated and helped other people lead better lives. This is what all people should do because of how important it is to help one another. Stockton used quotes and passages that really made me connect with the story. It was a short profile, but emotionally moving.

Just imagine if there were thousands of "Delancey Streets?" The world might be a better place.

Mimi has a heart of a teacher, but the power of a thousand people.

Do you agree that this profile is worth a thousand words?

Click here for the web page devoted to Mimi.

1 Comment

These types of articles get people thinking and moving and ready to change the world. It's sad we don't have more positive articles in the papers and in the media profiling these types of people.

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