Breaking News: State Budget Crisis

Day 1 - October 5, 2009:

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: After reviewing several newspapers, I came across a really interesting breaking news story about the Pennsylvania budget crisis and how it is still delayed. The article is called Senate leaders boycott state budget talks, promise new proposal. PA is the only state to not have a budget finalized for the FY 09-10 and we are the only state to let a budget impasse go this long. Why? How could we not have a budget? When will it be passed? These are all good questions that I am sure each and everyone of you have, but this breaking news article is proposing that the Senate compose a new budget to be reviewed and hopefully passed in the near future.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Also, I found an article called Tiger Ranch owner jailed; cats, food found on property. This breaking news story discusses how a ranch owner continues to feed cats when he is not suppose to and now it has resulted in jail time. This is not just a man who likes cats, but it is a man who had over "400 cats" (McKinnon). This is someone who kept cats, not for little friends either, and it seems that many of them have died since authorities have found out about this.

Day 2 - October 6, 2009:

WATE's verison: In response to my breaking news article about the PA budget, the Philadelphia Inquirer posted an article entitled Yet again, a Pa. budget appears imminent. This article was posted at 3:00 a.m. and discusses how the budget has come to an agreement, but some issues are still to be determined. The main holding for this budget is a unified agreement and a vote.

WATE's verison: As for the woman with all of the cats and the abuse she caused them, WATE posted an article relatively soon after the Breaking News article entitled Bond Revoked After Deputies Allege Woman Still Has Dealings With Animals. This article keeps the reader in suspense because it begins by stating that "Court Still Waiting For Linda Bruno's Psychiatric Exam."

Update: The Post-Gazette wrote a second lead article about the PA budget impasse called State Senate passes latest budget bill with little debate. This article discusses how the Senate has passed the lastest budget contract, but the House still needs to approve of it before the Governor can sign it into law.

Update: A second lead was created for the tiger woman and the abuse that she caused all of the animals. The article is entitled Judge orders owner of Tiger Ranch to jail and it explains how the lady pleaded guilty and could go to jail for two years with a fine.This article does not appear to have any additional information posted in the coming days so I would conclude that there was a breaking news article and a second lead describing the sentence.

Day 3 - October 7, 2009:

Update: Another article was created about the budget crisis in Pennsylvania and we are informed that the House OKs revenue side of budget; spending vote expected tonight. This article discusses that the state leaders have finally come to a partial agreement in the House, but still awaits the final approve and the signature from the Governor. This lead will most likely turn into a breaking news story if the budget deal is agreed upon in the House and Senate. More details will follow when available.

Day 4 - October 8, 2009:

Update: The Morning Call blog site also published an article recently about the PA budget crisis, but many of the Senate and House leaders said that a budget could be passed very shortly. Hopefully, this is the case, but the Pittsburgh Post Gazette posted an article about the State Senate moves ahead on its version of table games bill. This article, being a more reliable source, talks about the Senate agreeing on the casino slot tax bills. This part of the budget is another issue that many leaders have discussed and agreed and disagreed on. The blog site is just an example of another site that is showing its concern about the PA budget, however the Gazette is continuing its story from the original breaking news article that was posted several days ago (link above).

Day 5 - October 9, 2009:

Update: After 101 days of having no state budget, Gov. Rendell said that the Impasse ends; Legislature sends budget bill to Rendell. This will finally allow money to start flowing into schools, counties, and organizations that have been waiting for a long time. The hardship from the budget impasse has caused people to worry and become upset, but that can all be brought to an end now.

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