A Current Event With An Educational Twist

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I thought that the very beginning of the slideshow was impressive because of how it gave the viewer an option from the start.

I chose Follow the Garbage and it directed me to another web page that was awesome.

I am going to be a teacher next year and I think that this site will be extremely useful when teaching a lesson about landfills, garbage, or recycling. I was also amazed at the videos and graphics because I actually never followed the entire procedure of garbage and where it goes after being picked up from the house.

As for the recyclables, it was impressive how the truck driver didn't even have to get out of the truck because a machine picked up the garbage. I think that this goes to show people how technology is changing and enhancing the way jobs are performed.

I think that a multimedia news feature is extremely important when it comes to teaching a topic (e.g. garbage).

Is a multimedia feature better to use than writing a news article with links?

Click here for the web page devoted to Arizona Star.

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I honestly believe that this depends on the person. The video may be a good teaching tool but what if you feel it's too long. Then you need to keep track of the times on the video so you can skip the boring parts. An advantage to an article is that you can skim through the boring parts. If you wanted to make a handout for class, you could easily copy and paste the points you wanted to go over onto a worksheet (of course giving credit to the site). You can't really do that with video.

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