Color, Caption, and Conception

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I thought that my title would bring you in to read my article!

Anyways, the Cavalier Daily online had great appeal to me because of how much color was involved when the web page loaded.

Also, I like how the top stories were listed at the top and the links to other parts of the site were easily viewable at the top.

The further I scrolled down on the page, below the fold, I began to see how the articles had just titles listed and were not that organized. The only organization that I saw towards the end was the topic headings.

Another positive feature, is that I enjoyed the print edition of the paper because of how it looked just like the Tribune-Review or a typical newspaper. I enjoyed that paper moreso than the online edition, but both of them were pretty good.

Which do you prefer? The online edition or the print article?

Click here for the course web page devoted to Cavailer Daily.

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I much preferred the print copy to the online version. The print copy was still very slim on its use of pictures on some of the pages, but it was still better than the webpage. The webpage started off well enough with its banner of bright pictures, but the more I scrolled down the more bored I got. There were no pictures, I kept scrolling thinking there would be more pictures somewhere, but there wasn’t. The internet is very visual and I can’t imagine why they would not spread their pictures out more or use more pictures.

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