News Reporting, Bias, and Sensitivity


Portfolio #3:

After completing well over half of the course, I have learned more about newspaper writing than I ever knew before. The first big coverage concept was editorials and I quickly thought about Whether You're Complaining or Praising, Just Be Nice!. This blog discusses how some news writers compose entries that are focused on making someone or something look negative based on their experience. It is extremely important, as a neutral reporter, to be as un-bias as possible. Heres a hint: If you are upset about something (e.g. dinner) then write all of your thoughts on a Word document instead of putting it out in the paper for the world to see. Believe me, you will look back at it and be proud.

The next coverage topic that we have just began was a book called Best Practices for Newspaper Journalists by Haiman. This book not only discusses problems in the news world, but it gives great suggestions for how to improve on specific issues. If I was a full-time reporter, then I would tell my co-workers to Just Please Look it Up - Hint AP Style Book before making a mistake. I wrote this blog in response to Haiman and also to the future of anyone in the class that wants to become a news reporter. One may think why should a news reporter be allowed to make mistakes, but a CEO can't mess anything up without getting into a lot of trouble. Do you see a bias? The need for more accuracy with the editors is important, but everyone should do there part in order to make the paper the best it can be.

In addition, another coverage entry consisted of when You Hide In Order to Attack. The use of anonymous sources is becoming a popular topic in the news industry. If a politics is named as being anonymous and is talking about their opposing opponent, then most people will know who it is. With Haiman still in thought, do you think that The Experienced Always Win or Not? I always find it uneasy to watch the television news when the reporters are interviewing a person who has just been through a terrible event. It makes the reporter seem unearthly and not professional. I know what some of you are thinking though and you are probably saying "well it is there jobs." Yes, I understand, but I believe that more sensitivity needs to be used in some cases.

My last coverage entry discusses how some people need to Use Some Positive Judgement. The news and newspaper love to write/talk about negative events and why is that? Based on my blog entry and my secondary sources, I believe that the negative news is what people will listen to. What if the news was always good and only mentioned the positive aspects of life? You will quit watching because it would not be "interesting." Sounds true, huh?

As for this third portfolio, I have written all of my coverage entries for each assigned text on time and each entry prompted discussion and feedback from my peers. Also, each entry was submitted in a timely manner and I interacted with my peers for each topic.

A more recent article of mine entitled Use More Positive Judgement uses outside sources and goes in depth with the topic. Not only did this entry go in-depth, but all of my entries went in-depth.

As for my comments, I wrote a comment grande on Jenn's blog entitled Editorials vs. Persuasive Essays which talked about the differences and similarties in editorials compared to persuasive essays. Within my comment, I linked to Gretta's blog entitled Be Careful What You Wish For because of how she wrote on a similar topic and used great detail in his explanation. In addition to this comment grade, I made a comment primo on Gretta's blog entry (Be Careful What You Wish For). Over a two day period and more than seven comments, I found this entry to be extremely helpful, so I wrote a reflection about The Spread of Information: Purpose and Meaning.

Aja wrote a blog entitled Bummer Dude and I made it a comment primo, grande, and informative because of how much disucussion it prompted. Finally, Gretta wrote another entry entitled You Better Have an Explanation which talked about credibility and I was the first to comment about the newspapers should consider writing, somewhere in the paper, about why they do what they do. So, the "whys" made me write about how Explaining the Answer is not that hard.

In addition to all of my entries being submitted very early, generating discussion, and prompting interaction among my peers, I wrote a reflection for each of the assigned text blog entries of mine. They included The Spread of Information: Purpose and Meaning, The Daily Words: Fact or Lie, The Power of Having No Name, and how reporters are Explaining the Answer.

Lastly, Whether You're Complaining or Praising, Just Be Nice! is my wildcard entry beacuse of how much interaction, discussion, and in-class feedback it generated. It is also a very important entry because if you are a reporter, then you need to use the AP Style book.

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This is an incredibly long entry, Derek. Good job! This is good stuff.

Thank you for the positive reinforcement, Angela!!

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