Reflection #13: The Well-Rounded View

After reading Diversity by Josie Rush, I had never thought about the crew of a news reporting agency. I usually focus on learning the reporter’s role or the process of revising and finding AP Style mistakes. When thinking about the entire reporting crew, then it makes sense that some newspapers are more conservative and some are liberal. It seems like some news companies have staff members that have similar believes or stances on topics. It is understandable, during this difficult economy, that not ever newspapers staff can be diverse. It just seems that gender bias occurs in almost all professions, but why doesn’t the employer search or wait for that right person? Maybe there just simply is not that right person applying for the job. This blog also made me realize that society is still bias when it comes to their thinking, but we can see it more frequently in quotes from news articles. Many people, when emotionally distraught, release their emotions in their quotes to the reporter and the reporter must use their words (unless offensive). Finally, Josie made me think about how a news company should consider the option of making, if they have the choice, their staff more diverse. This would allow for many more opinions, topics, and personal knowledge.

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