Reflection #14: An Interactive News Article

After reading “A maestro's hair” and “Interactive Content Draws You In,” I thought that it was amazing how interesting the interactive slide shows were. I personally enjoy watching videos, slide shows, and audio clips compared to reading a long news article. There is just something about the interactive content that makes it more interesting. I believe that it is because of how our culture is such a fast-paced society and we like to get things completed quickly. My reflection of Kaitlin’s blog entry was very positive and I found it to be an excellent example. The depiction of the Maestro’s life through music and pictures was very powerful because of how much he has accomplished throughout his life. Finally, the interactive content brings the news article to a new level of appreciation. Instead of black and white text, there is a vast amount of color and images to support a very newsworthy story.

Click here for the course web page devoted to the NY Times and Interactive Content.

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